Hermitofthewoods: Land of the Lotus Eaters

2011 Granma Music
All songs produced and mixed by Scott Da Ros
All music by Hermitofthewoods and Scott Da Ros
All vocals and lyrics by Hermitofthewoods
Recorded at the Hermitage Brewery, Halifax, NS and Spaacemoon Snoowcaat, Montreal, PQ
Mastered by J.Lapointe at Archive Mastering
Artwork: Migwel / Photography by MXBX

1. Once Upon A Time
2. Last Call
3. 10,000 B.C.
4. Give Us Time
5. Shibboleth
6. Break the Chains
7. Alive Under the Sun
8. State of the Union featuring EMC
9. Mic Check (Mic Check)
10. The Light of a Thousand Year-Old Explosion

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