…not so much a bio as it is a bit about me.

I live in Montreal, Canada. I’ve been running around the music industry doing all sorts of things since 2000 or maybe before. In Halifax, NS, I started DJ’ing and promoting shows, then started working at a music distributor, then started a music label and after a few years in the dungeon, could comfortably call myself a beat maker. In ’05 I moved to Montreal and transitioned into music management, continued to run my label and released my solo album. I stayed with music management for a few years and then branched out on my own and have been working from my home office since 2011 working primarily in web and graphic design.

Running your own label leads to many new talents: graphic design, web design, project management, art direction and countless hours of consulting. I figured if I throw all of these together, I could really help a client organize their website content and focus it for the best UX and design.

Check out my design works (web and print), my music and video works which included some things I created and also videos from others using my music.

Would love to work with you, please reach out!