Beer spray to the eye!

scott on June 3 2013

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Last August (2012) during our recording sessions for the new Hermitofthewoods album we took a night off and shot footage to use for promotional trailers for the album.

Hermit and I headed over to our friend Sam’s house with camera, tools and some rope. Outside of Sam’s house we stumbled across a pile of things that were getting thrown away and one of those things was our fake blood, expired cans of tomato paste. Perfect.

We headed inside to Sam’s new moved-in empty apartment where we scene would be shot. In an empty white room with a chair. Also perfect.

To prepare for his role, Hermit smoked cigarettes and rubbed the ashes on his face, head and body parts. Gross. He then needed to get a bit bloody so into the bathtub he went with a can of tomato paste and chaser of water. He slammed some paste into his mouth with some water and swish and spat. Along with spotting, he let it run down his beard. Our budget wasn’t so large as you can see so our makeup techniques had to be, well, a bit gross.

After setting up the room, lights and camera, we took a bit of a breather and went outside on the front deck for a beer. Final preparations for the shoot, as a pleasant surprise, Sam decided to to shake his beer and spray it in the face (and eye) or Hermit. Initial reaction from me was that Hermit was going to throw sam onto the street, but he smiled and then proceeded to get further into his role.

We tied Hermit to the chair and closed all windows for a few hours in our hot Montreal summer. Sam and I enjoyed refreshing breaks outside on the front deck as Hermit was being filmed inside feeling horrible.

All for the love of art I guess.

A few months later Hermit said he should have went to a dive bar and got the shit kicked out of him. Although I love his commitment, i am happy we didn’t chose this act of preparation.

Check out the album and purchase it here

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