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scott on May 5 2015

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It’s been almost 9 years since I have released a solo album. My debut, ‘…One Kind of Dead End‘, was released in August of 2006 and featured many different rappers and a few scattered short instrumental pieces around the rap songs. I guess I am looking at my new album, ‘Layers of Silence‘, as my truly first full length experience. It’s completely instrumental and the only guest is my dear friend Michael Feuerstack who added instrumentation to a few tracks but was also a sorta musical advisor and let me play early mixes for him and in turn he threw suggestions back to me, in which I gladly accepted (Thanks MF).

I began working on this album in late 2012 when Kid Koala invited me to come along with him to the National Music Centre in Calgary. Eric had a residence there and needed a small crew to help him set up and run his wonderful Space Cadet Headphone Concert! Side note, he invited me on stage for a song to play a 30 year old drum machine with him and Money Mark! What the hell! Anyway, we also had some time to explore the keyboard museum and record pretty much any one of the amazing machines in the building! The plan wasn’t even to record for my solo record…the plan was to set up my portable recording studio and tickle keyboards, twist knobs, wire things together and bang on drums machines for as many hours as I could to gather up as much random noise as possible. It was definitely random and it was fun.

In 2013 I started working on solo songs and using parts from this recording session along with a million other sounds previously collected (and waiting to be chopped). Soon after I had to take a break and focus on the second Triune Gods album so most of what had been started went to that album and what didn’t fit was put aside for my solo album.

This seems to have been a pattern with my music. Since my debut in ’06, it’s not like I stopped making music but rather I was working on so many other peoples music and also spending so much of my time trying to run the label. Let’s see… The main albums I worked in those years, either with beats, mixing, or recording were: Bleubird ‘RIP USA’, Filkoe ‘Lost Zoo Keys’, Sontiago ‘Steel Yourself’, Heliodrome ‘La Lumiere’, Triune Gods ‘Seven Days’, Deadly Stare 7″ (and about 12 un-released songs), and some other randoms.

After some test press complications, the album is finally set to drop May 26, 2015. My pals Luana Records in Switzerland are helping me co-release this, along with my label, Endemik Music. There will be 200 vinyl and eventually digital. No CD, no cassette and no tshirt.

Pre-order the LP now and save a few bucks and make me smile.
Europe/UK: Luana Records
North America/World: End Shoppe

The mighty Hermitofthewoods wrote a beautiful description of the album for me:

Layers of Silence, the new instrumental release from Montreal’s Scott Da Ros (Triune Gods/Deadly Stare) is a beautifully kinetic tour-de-force. As drums rumble and crash in daring acrobatic syncopations, sounds are drawn from the four corners of the world to drive them ever forward. There is a perpetual sense of movement, an infectious anticipation, like a supersonic jet with a plush interior, soaring across the landscape with Da Ros at the helm. There is no in-flight movie, only a wild beat-driven soundtrack that soaks up the flavours of everywhere it has been. Once it has travelled around the world and gathered its passengers, it angles toward space, rocketing to the stars.

Here is the first video teaser for the album created by my good friends in Japan, Daiki Kato and Yosuke Otani.

Here is the second teaser I put together:

More soon…
thanks for reading!

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