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Posted by scott at 7 March 2014

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After a year of using their site the JFL ComedyPro team were able to decide exactly what they wanted their site to be and focus on so this year I was able to revamp a few things including the design. They had found their visual identity after last year’s site was created so I was able to include that identity into this new site.

I also brought along a programming friend, Denis Goguen, to help set up the new database to accept all the applicants for the Pitch Your Project series. BTW, if you have some ideas for TV or web series, you should pitch it to them – peep here:

Visit the new site:

Posted by scott at 2 March 2014

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FINALLY, the new Triune Gods album titled ≠ Three Cornered World will be coming out on Granma Music on April 23rd, 2014!

More info soon but here is the album cover created by Hiro Kurata and a very quick trailer put together the boys from Granma Music!

Posted by scott at 17 July 2013

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Earlier this year I started building a sub-site for Just For Laughs. The sub-site is called ComedyPro and is used to help promote the Industry conference side of the festival – which rules every year btw.

This years festival has already begun and since the Conference starts in a few days I figured it was time to drop a note about it. The site was a lot of fun to make and although it has some more complex parts to it, i tried to make it appear as simple and clean as possible!

Check out the site and the conference!

Posted by scott at 3 June 2013

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Last August (2012) during our recording sessions for the new Hermitofthewoods album we took a night off and shot footage to use for promotional trailers for the album.

Hermit and I headed over to our friend Sam’s house with camera, tools and some rope. Outside of Sam’s house we stumbled across a pile of things that were getting thrown away and one of those things was our fake blood, expired cans of tomato paste. Perfect.

We headed inside to Sam’s new moved-in empty apartment where we scene would be shot. In an empty white room with a chair. Also perfect.

To prepare for his role, Hermit smoked cigarettes and rubbed the ashes on his face, head and body parts. Gross. He then needed to get a bit bloody so into the bathtub he went with a can of tomato paste and chaser of water. He slammed some paste into his mouth with some water and swish and spat. Along with spotting, he let it run down his beard. Our budget wasn’t so large as you can see so our makeup techniques had to be, well, a bit gross.

After setting up the room, lights and camera, we took a bit of a breather and went outside on the front deck for a beer. Final preparations for the shoot, as a pleasant surprise, Sam decided to to shake his beer and spray it in the face (and eye) or Hermit. Initial reaction from me was that Hermit was going to throw sam onto the street, but he smiled and then proceeded to get further into his role.

We tied Hermit to the chair and closed all windows for a few hours in our hot Montreal summer. Sam and I enjoyed refreshing breaks outside on the front deck as Hermit was being filmed inside feeling horrible.

All for the love of art I guess.

A few months later Hermit said he should have went to a dive bar and got the shit kicked out of him. Although I love his commitment, i am happy we didn’t chose this act of preparation.

Check out the album and purchase it here

Watch all trailers here

Posted by scott at 21 March 2013

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A couple weeks back in a last minute excursion, Michael and I hit the streets to take some photos for his newest album, Tambourine Death Bed.

I’m very happy with how they turned out. The first two with the green background are the photos that will be used in the press campaign and the two in the snow will not be used but they were a couple of our favs.

To download the hi-res please visit Michael’s site:

Michael Feuerstack 1 Michael Feuerstack 2

Michael Feuerstack 4 Michael Feuerstack 3

Posted by scott at 12 February 2013

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Back in 2012 Vid Cousins and myself, as Deadly Stare, wrote a track with UK artist Bon Arrow, a long time friend and music collaborator from Vid’s London years.

Here is what happened. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by scott at 30 July 2012

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A few months back I was asked to remix a song from A Band of Buriers upcoming (now released) album titled “Filth”. I chose the title track “Filth” and man it was fun to re-arrange, chop, add, and subtract with this song!

The album is great and you should take a listen to it here. Listen to the original version of the song and then my interpretation. It will be fun, I can feel it.

I love this band and so should you!

Posted by scott at 4 June 2012

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Earlier this year, maybe March, my friend AJ Korkidakis approached me and asked if I would like to work on the score to his recent short film titled “The Perfect Apartment”. The deadline for AJ to submit the final film was not so far away but of course I said yes!

I set up all the different sections and invited my other good friend Michael Feuerstack to play guitar and bass on a few parts and he came correct, as usual.

The film will premier at the Montreal Just for Laughs film festival in July and air on CBC in August.

I will post the trailer when AJ has it ready.

You will you love it, it rules.

Posted by scott at 28 May 2012

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Over the past few years I have been doing some random works for Just for Laughs, mostly website related. JFL is putting together a new fesitval in Toronto this year called JFL42 that is featuring 42 different artists from comedians, musicians, writers, etc, and has announcing Louis CK!

My friend, and very talented filmmaker, AJ Korkidakis and I set up a last minute photo shoot at my, still being renovated house, with the Skinjackin‘ crew to create the first promotional video for their festival. It turned out really nice (video below)!

We also used one of my songs for the video. This song is something I have been working on for an upcoming album I am co-producing with another good friend named Hermitofthewoods. Please check his past works! This new album should be out in late fall if all goes well and its going to be bananas.

Posted by scott at 14 May 2012

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Welcome to my website. I have been working on it for months now and it feels good to send it out into the world of cyber space.

It’s not that the site is incredibly complex to build, it’s more a matter of time and also FINALLY gathering all of my own info and displaying it in one place. Normally I am focusing on doing these things for others so it was a nice challenge to get my act together.

Ahhh, relief.

Again, welcome to my site and hope you enjoy poking around. Blog to be updated on the regular.

xo, for now.

ps – thanks to Robyn and MF Snailhouse for the help!