Triune Gods

Three feathers come together – sibitt (MC/Singer) from Japan, bleubird (MC) from USA, and Scott Da Ros (beatmaker/producer) from Canada. These are three very different musical entities from three different worlds, who when formed together become a very powerful triad of creative authenticity. Triune Gods are a rare, multilingual, and experimental hip hop group.

In 2008, bleubird and Scott met sibitt on tour in Japan. Already fans of each other’s music, they clicked immediately, and at that moment the plan to collaborate was set into motion. In 2010 they finally met again for a week in Montreal to record their debut album Seven Days Six Nights. It was then that they became Triune Gods.

sibitt has his musical roots in Hip Hop but that alone cannot describe his style. He’s swallowed many various music genres and converted them into blood relatives of his own. As well versed in traditional Japanese music as he is in rap music and free jazz, his melodic singing/rapping is an unknown domain for many people, yet it is delivered with such skill and beauty that listeners of any language can feel its emotion and importance.

bleubird is at home in collaboration – deep rooted in Southern rap but constantly reaching into new realms. Striving for a style that is a contained chaos of many influences he is able to bend and adapt to any situation whether it be singing, party rocking, or mysterious dark material. A veteran of the stage and a spirited performer, his presence is a hurricane of pure enjoyment, and his writing teeters on a fence of poetry and gangster rap.

Scott Da Ros is a seeker. He does not depend on the fashion or style of music around him. He pursues the sound of his own ideal with a simple heart. Deep and creative, you can feel his cinematic soundscapes rise and fall, each with the intricacies of an epic novel, one in which the protagonist is the DRUMS! Scott is the backbone of Triune Gods, a ‘producer’ in the truest sense. His master vision guides the creative energy of the group into a focused direction, and his ear is responsible for the unique sound-world they inhabit.

Together their musical output has many sides: playful, intense, tragic and beyond. With their second studio album, ≠ Three Cornered World, they were more accustomed to the process of working together – thus able to explore further into unknown and exciting territories.

Each of them has their own unique style of musicianship and respect from many music lovers around the world. Race, language, and borders don’t contain them. People, welcome to Triune Gods’ universe!