Michael Feuerstack – Scorekeeper

A music video for the song Scorekeeper from Michael Feuerstack‘s album Tambourine Death Bed.

Set in a timeless, neutral Montreal gymnasium, the “Scorekeeper” video revolves around a semi-fictional representation of the street game of “wall ball”. Feuerstack himself plays a lonesome ex-champ, who has moved on to a new phase in his life as an undervalued referee. The song’s visual representation is by turns literal and wildly interpretive – at once comical, sad and a little bit surreal. Look for appearances from some of Feuerstack’s real life musical and wall ball collaborators.

Video directed by Scott Da Ros and AJ Korkidakis
Music by Michael Feuerstack
Players: Fab Yoboua, Stefan Schneider, Pietro Amato, Jessie Currell
Choreography: Katie Ward
Producers: Renee Tousignant, Dana Florescu
Crew: Fahim Moussi, Eric Bindman, Joel Bernstein
Extras: Kyel Loadenthal, Laura Di Genova, Lesley Stoch, Amanda Treder, Erla Axelsdottir, Constant Vallee

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